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Snuggler & Book Set - Sloth


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Snuggler & Book Set - Sloth
Snuggler & Book Set - Sloth
Snuggler & Book Set - Sloth
Snuggler & Book Set - Sloth

Promotes: Relaxation

After all the day’s excitement, it can be challenging for little ones to relax and wind down for bed. Slumber Sloth teaches progressive muscle relaxation techniques to guide children through a soothing routine, helping them calm their body and mind after a busy day.

This snuggler, much like a lovie, is the perfect companion at bedtime. Practicing healthy routines with children and embracing rhythms that fit their needs sets a foundation for emerging independence and reinforces the loving connection between caregiver and child.

What's Included

The Snuggler
A reassuring lovey for 0-3-year-old children with soft fur that’s perfect for snuggles

The Board Book
About the size of an adult hand from fingertip to the bottom of your palm

The Affirmation Card
A daily affirmation for your child to practice and carry with them wherever they go

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